About the SecureSuite Member API

The CIS SecureSuite Member API is designed to allow programmatic access to SecureSuite resources, available both to SecureSuite members and the general public.

Getting Started

Refer to the documentation for each API endpoint to learn more about request types, expected request payloads, authorization requirements, and response objects. If an endpoint is indicated as “SecureSuite Member Only”, clients are required to first validate their SecureSuite license key in order to obtain an authorization token. The retrieved token may then be provided to ensure authorization to protected resources. To submit a request to the API, use the base URL ‘https://workbench.cisecurity.org/api/vendor/v1/’.

See “Obtaining a SecureSuite License Key” to find out how to obtain your member organization’s license key.

See “License Verification” to find out how to verify a license key and obtain an authorization token.